Irasshaimase (or just welcome) on the homepage of the Bushinkai in Berlin, Germany. The Bushinkai is a Dôkôkai (study group) of the famous Hokushin Ittô-Ryû Hyôhô, one of the bugei koryû (old jap. martial arts school traditions) founded before 1868.

Please just move through our pages to get to know more about this authentic martial tradition. It has been founded in 1820 and within only a few years – at a very turbulent time – became Japan’s most successful and efficient traditional swordfighting style.

Among the few hundred remaining japanese traditional martial arts schools, the Hokushin Ittô-Ryû is one of only a few which up until today focus not only on doing fixed moving sequences but on testing & refining achieved skills in friendly “duels”, too.

Snapshot: free sparring at the Chiba-Dôjô in Munich