small Notices

Sunday, 17.04.2022

Work on better smartphone integration finished
I wasn’t aware that, unlike me, many people seem to want to use their smartphones in an upright position only.
Therefore, due to error messages/feedback received concerning this blog’s mobile version, all font sizes have been reduced.
In doing so, a compromise between the desktop appearance and the mobile version had to be found.
Easier said than done as even with relative size specifications not always happened what I would’ve expected.

The cover picture area has been reduced in height, too for saving space, the cover picture’s motive has been heavily minimized.
Now, one can see on smartphones the actual motive completely, too.
The mobile menu has been replaced with a new one which (in upright postion) is always visible and opens in the foreground.
Texts on pages shouldn’t protrude on the right side over the actual text area in some browsers anymore.

Saturday, 12.03.2022

On this homepage, the new regular training location of the Bushinkai has been entered.

Friday, 19.04.2019

We’ve been informed about a malfunction of our homepage. Therefore, the homepage has been
deleted completely a few days ago and reuploaded today. We’re sorry for the inconvenience.

Monday, 08.04.2019

In May 2019, Ôtsuka Ryûnosuke sensei, sôke of the Hokushin Ittô-Ryû Hyôhô,
will teach once again at the Keikojô Basel (Suisse, led by Stehli sensei).
(link:) 6. Seminar in der Schweiz
The linked pdf file is in German but here are some details in English as jpg file, too:
(link:) 6th seminar in Switzerland, details
11th – 12th May 2019

Thursday, 21.02.2019

Working closely together with the headmaster and teachers of the Hokushin Ittô-Ryû Hyôhô (HIRH), the Kunsthalle München (Munich) hosts a very interesting exhibition from February to June 2019. You’ll have the opportunity to see and be deeply impressed by part of a famous collection of samurai artefacts, The exhibition will be accompanied by regular lectures/guided tours through our sôke (the 7th generation head of our traditional martial art) and HIRH-introduction courses.


The splendour of Japanese chivalry
The Ann and Gabriel Barbier-Mueller Collection
1st February – 30th June 2019