The Bushinkai / Dôkôkai Berlin

What exactly is the Bushinkai / Dôkôkai Berlin ?

The Bushinkai in Berlin is one of the German shibu-dôkôkai (leaf-dōkōkai) of the Hokushin Ittô-Ryû Hyôhô (bushinkai 武心会 = martial spirit gathering/association). A dôkôkai is a study group which is led by a kaichô (dôkôkai 同好会 = “(persons with) same interests gathering/association” & kaichô 会​長 = group leader). At the moment there are two dôkôkai in Europe.

The kaichô is someone who’s been graduated as kirigami (切​り​紙 = lit. cut paper) and has furthermore got a written permission to take on new students for the Hokushin Ittô-Ryû and to show them the basics of the school. The kaichô isn’t yet a teacher, therefore the slogan: “Isshoni keiko suru!” (一緒に稽古する, “Let’s learn TOGETHER!”).

There are many “groups” (keikojô, dôkokai, as well as the honbu-dôjô) of the Hokushin Ittô-Ryû Hyôhô in the western regions of Germany and in other European countries. In the eastern regions of Germany however, the Bushinkai is the only place where training in that traditional school is currently offered.


Where is the (regular) training of the Bushinkai?

 The current training location is Engeldamm 68, 10179 Berlin which is about a 12 minutes walk away from
underground station Heinrich-Heine-Straße (line 8, blue, two stations away from station Alexanderplatz).


When is the training in the Bushinkai ?

The Bushinkai’s regular training is:
Tuesday from 18:30 to 21:00 (18:30 to 19:00 reserved for changing clothes, announcements etc.)

The second training day varies work-related:
In general, at least a second training unit per week shall be offered. This second appointment (if at a weekend, I do sometimes willingly offer a longer training session) shall always be announced beforehand for several weeks to all of the regular training’s participants and will only be rescheduled in absolutely exceptional cases.
The place for additional training units can differ but will sometime take place in Berlin-Wedding. definitely:
Soldiner Str. 18, 13359 Berlin (4 different train stations, several bus stations and a tram station are near)

Inquiries concerning additional individual training units are always welcome and do absolutely make sense, too.
Extra training time, especially together with another person/other persons, will help all of us to advance faster together.


With whose help will be trained TOGETHER in the Bushinkai ?

The kaichô of the Bushinkai / Dôkôkai Berlin is Muecke, Wilf (well, that’s me). I study the precious – and up until now proven as highly effective – Hokushin Ittô-Ryû Hyôhô, one of the most important predecessors of modern kendô, directly under the 7th sôke of the Hokushin Ittô-Ryû Hyôhô, Ōtsuka Ryūnosuke Taira no Masatomo 大塚龍之介平政智. A sôke 宗​家 is the head of a family or a family like household and e.g. traditional japanese martial arts had been and in majority are still organized likewise.

I’ve always been interested in martial arts in general but with time my interests concentrated on Japan, as there some hundreds martial arts traditions have survived up to the present day while in Europe such arts have simply ceased. After having trained a conglomerate of traditional martial arts for many years and with the koryû being much easier accessible than at the time I started, I searched for the school which suits best to me and vice versa, once again.

It’s an enormous luck and a pleasure beyond description that I was allowed to become a student of the Hokushin Ittô-Ryû Hyôhô. As time passed, I remained convinced absolutely of the outstanding value of this school. I therefore still feel deeply honered that on June 16th 2017, I’ve been permitted to do the keppan (a traditional blood oath which further intensifies the relationship between the school and the student).

the Kaichô of the Bushinkai / Dôkôkai Berlin